The WOD won

I didn’t finish last night’s WOD. And I feel okay with it.

It was back squats for warm up, and then: 3 Rounds of – 400m run and 21 burpees.

For whatever reason, my calves were tightening up a lot on the 400m runs, and it was really putting me behind when I would get to the burpees part of the workout. I ended up not doing the last set of burpees. Even though I failed and couldn’t keep up, it’s okay with me because I know I really pushed myself hard. I don’t have a strong cardiovascular system at all at this point in time, and I know I’m working on that. So the fact that I did my best and got done what I did get done is okay with me. It’s something I need to work towards in the coming months.

I truly believe that Team Beachbody will help me get there as well, because of the portion controlled meal plans & recipes, Shakeology shakes, and all of the workout videos. I’m planning on doing the yoga videos on my “off” days from Crossfit 🙂 And I can’t forget about the unconditional love and motivation from my team members and challengers! That support system is what really pushes you through the tough times.

To join one of my challenge groups, become a Beachbody Coach, or to simply learn more, email me at !

Crossfit WOD’s are challenging, but I love every second. They make me want to give up while pushing me to finish. They slam me against my wall and then lift me over it. And all of those positive things honestly come from the people who surround you while doing the WOD. I need people to cheer me on and motivate me to complete something that’s especially tough. That’s why getting involved in these Challenge Groups is so important for me, and I believe it’ll be important for you as well 🙂

More on the CF WOD’s to come! If you want to know more about the different Crossfit WOD’s that I’ve experienced, please comment below with any questions!


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