My first challenge is starting!

Tomorrow morning, my Free 7 Day Health Challenge will begin!! I am so excited to get things going and for my group members to participate in making healthier choices at my expense. I am so grateful that people have considered me as somebody to turn to to motivate and support them through their health journeys.

I know that when I started out, I wanted a motivating group of people surrounding me to keep me on track. I needed people guiding me through the tough times, otherwise I know myself well enough to know that I would probably give up. That’s one reason why CrossFit has been such a blessing. The coaches in that gym even call me if I haven’t been in the gym in a week or so! They truly care about your well being and want to see you there making personal gains.

With that being said, I feel the same way the CrossFit coaches must feel about their members. I want to observe people making personal gains, losing weight they couldn’t before, striding past goals that they’ve had for years. I want to support people, to motivate people, to push peopleĀ over their “I’m giving up” wall. People don’t realize how important a support system is until they have one.

I’m SO excited to see what this Team Beachbody Coaching has to offer myself, as well as all of the people I help point in the right direction.

Leave a comment with any questions šŸ™‚


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